Training beyond the ballroom.

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No matter your level, we’ve got the right videos for you.

We feature short, actionable videos that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

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Did you know the best dancers and athletes use videos as a tool?

The right videos and the right coaches make all the difference. 

We’ve got both. 

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At DanceSport Place, we produce our own exclusive videos and curate top tier training in one place.

Step into our virtual studio and train with our world-class coaches through our unique, innovative videos.

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To ensure you’re getting only the best information, we exclusively offer you coaches that are world and national champions and finalists.

You can be confident that you’re learning from the best, so you can become your best. 


“I came into the ballroom world with a strong background as a professional dancer in theatrical dance; tap, ballet, jazz.  I was SO surprised to find I needed to learn a whole new set of skills!  This was confusing, frustrating and a little scary! was the perfect link to connect me with expert videos that could demonstrate and explain the techniques I was missing.  I credit Erik, Melissa and the world class instructors at with helping me “find myself” in the world of ballroom, which led to winning many championships and ultimately led to a World Title!  I strongly endorse this program!”
Bunny Barth

“I always loved dancing. There is always more to learn, styling, technique. Dancesport Place is a great resource to help you improve and grow as a dancer with videos by some of the top pros. I like having access to that. It is great to learn from others who have a different perspective or way of teaching that helps me have that “aha moment” when I finally understand what I need to do. Thanks Erik and Melissa Cyr for providing a video library with videos by some of the best!”

Cynthia Lindholm


Training beyond the ballroom.

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