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Our most common questions are answered here. If you have any further questions or have a video request, we’d love to hear from you. 

How much will I be able to learn from a video?

To be a great dancer, you can’t learn by video alone. But, to make the most of your live lessons and practice, video is a fantastic and affordable tool for reviewing and expanding your knowledge.

If you’re a serious dancer, using video should be one of your tools of the trade.

DanceSport Place is not intended to take the place of live lessons, but rather help you get even more out of your valuable lesson time. 

I've just started competing. Will the videos be too advanced for me?

No. Newcomers through professionals always go back to the basics! We have videos that cover basic techniques, introduction to styling, and timing on many patterns and dances.

I'm an open level dancer. Are the videos too basic for me?

We have videos for dancers at every competitive level. Our coaches are world class and at the cutting edge of dancesport. They share with our members the advanced partnering and dynamic concepts that have made them champions.

You’ll find videos that cover advanced topics for open level dancers, but you may even want to check out our basic videos as well. After all, even top professionals always go back to the basics! 

My coach doesn't want me to learn from any other coaches. Why is that?

That’s not unusual! Your coach is looking out for your best interest, and wants you to have only accurate and correct information.

What makes us different is our coaches are all World and National Champs/Finalists, and have proven their mettle as competitors and teachers. Chances are our coaches might even be guest coaches at your studio!

You and your local primary coach can be confident that what you learn here will be an accelerator to your learning on your live lessons. 

I already have a lot of dance DVDs. How is DanceSport Place different?

Although DVDs can be helpful, we know the best way to learn is with ACTION. Most people watch DVDs from their couch, but DanceSport Place goes with you anywhere. 

That means you can dance along with our videos right there in the studio (or wherever!) and practice as you are watching–just like a live lesson. 

Also, we know you have a life outside of dancing! Our videos are short (about 5-15 minutes long), so you can learn whenever you have a free moment. 

How does membership work?

DanceSport Place members have access to our entire video library, for as long as they subscribe with a monthly/annual membership. We release new videos exclusively for our members.

Our unique subscription service provides our members with the latest training for competitive dancers from our renowned coaches for a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons. Read more about our coaches here.

Click here for our membership options. 

Is payment a recurring charge or a one time purchase ?

We offer both options. We offered tiered membership rates, which are automatically charged every month until you cancel. There is no long term commitment with our monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time before the next billing date.

We also offer 6 month and annual subscription options. These options auto-renew each billing period unless you cancel prior to the billing date.

Click here to see our membership options.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Click here for our membership options. 

How do I update my password/credit card/address?

Log into your account to make any updates

Password: scroll to the bottom on the homepage of your account, and you’ll see the link “Change Password”.

Credit card: from your account dashboard, click the “Subscriptions” heading. Click on the “Update” link.

Address: you can change your address on the homepage of your account dashboard. You address should match your credit card billing address.

What's your refund/cancellation policy?

You can easily cancel your membership at anytime, but we do not refund for the current (or past) month once you’ve been billed. If you do need to cancel your membership, it isn’t complicated or confusing.

You can also choose to pause your account, which will stop billing until you decide to start again. This option is available on the “Subscriptions” heading of your account dashboard.

To pause or cancel, first, log into your account and go to the “Subscriptions” heading of your account dashboard.

To cancel, click on the “Cancel” link next to your subscription details. If you need help, simply send us a message.

We do not offer refunds or pro-rate for the month that has been paid for. If you would like to cancel, please do so before the next billing cycle to avoid future payment.

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