We’re proud to have some of the world’s best coaches and dancers on our coaching team.


If you want to be the best, you’ve got to train with the best!

Our dancesport coaches are all World and National Champions/Finalists, who are experts in their styles.
In addition to their expert teaching, their warm, motivational, and funny delivery makes our videos the best in online ballroom lessons. (Hey, they’re pretty easy on the eyes, too! )


Alexander Andreev aka Sasha

Latin Coach

Alexander Andreev was born in eastern Russia. Began dancing at the age of 7. Sasha won the … Read more


Briana Haft

American Smooth Coach

Briana Haft was brought up in Huntington Beach California, and was born to dance. Read more


Eulia Baranovsky

American Smooth Coach

Eulia Baranovsky is Nationally Certified Dance Instructor in four styles: Ballroom, Latin, Am. Read more


Iaroslav Bieliei

Ballroom Coach

Iaroslav Bieliei was born in Kiev. Started his dance training at age 6 in the famous Kiev’s dance club “Yuventa”.Read more


Liliia Gladiuk

Ballroom Coach

Liliia Gladiuk started dancing when she was 4 years old. In 2016, she and Iaroslav… Read more


Maria Levina

Latin Coach

Maria Levina is a striking illustration of the picture-perfect couple in the Latin division. With their classic… Read more


Michael Bilopukhov

Latin Coach

Michael Bilopukhov began dancing as a child, in his home country of Ukraine … Read more


Olga Tsikalyuk

Ballroom Coach

Olga Tsikalyuk 

…Coming Soon!


Stefano Di Brino

Ballroom Coach

Stefano Di Brino started his dancing career in 1994 at the age of 5. He started under the… Read more



American Smooth Coach

Viktorija is both an accomplished Smooth and Ballroom dancer… Read more


Anastasiia Shchypilina

Latin Coach

Anastasiia Shchypilina, has been dancing since childhood, and from that time on… Read more


Carolina Orlovsky

American Rhythm Coach

Carolina Orlovsky began dancing as a young girl in ballet. As a teen, she moved to New York City… Read more


Evgeny Likhachev

Latin Coach

Evgeny Likhachev and Maria Levina are a striking illustration of the picture-perfect couple in the Latin division. Read more


Jason Daly

American Rhythm Coach

Jason and his wife Sveta are ranked in top 6 Open Professional Rhythm Competitors in the World…Read more


Marcus Johnson

American Rhythm & Latin Coach

Marcus Johnson started dancing at the age of six and performed on the Merv Griffin show at age 8…Read more


Max Sinitsa

American Smooth Coach

Max Sinitsa started dancing at the age of 8 in Kiev, Ukraine. His father & mother are professional dancers …Read more


Nick Cheremukhin

American Smooth Coach

Nick Cheremukhin is both an accomplished Smooth and Ballroom competitor… Read more


Patricia Schneider

Hair & Makeup Expert

Patricia Schneider has done makeup and hair artistry for over 20 years… Read more


Sveta Daly

American Rhythm Coach

Sveta Daly and her husband, Jason, are ranked in the top 6 Open Professional… Read more


Yana Blinova

Latin Coach

Yana Blinova, originally from Siberia, Russia, began dancing at age thirteen in her parents studio. Read more


Bianka Zubrowska

Ballroom Coach

Bianka Zubrowska, was born in Krakow, where she began her dancing career at the age of 5, with ballet… Read more


Erik Cyr

Latin Coach

Erik began his ballroom dance training at the age of five in his native Quebec, Canada. Read more


Felipe Telona Jr

American Rhythm Coach

Before dance, Felipe started as an athlete that lost his scholarship to an injury…Read more


Kris Suakjian

American Smooth Coach

Kris Suakjian was born and raised in Fresno, California where his primary interests as a child…Read more


Maria Hansen

Ballroom Coach

Maria began a partnership with Stuart Cole and within 3 years, made every final in the United States .Read more


Melissa Cyr

Latin Coach

Melissa started dance early on with ballet as her first love. After training in New York…Read more


Oleg Suvorov

Ballroom Coach

Oleg Suvorov, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, came naturally to ballroom dance when his mother… Read more


Selena Johnson

American Smooth Coach

Selena’s elegance and grace shines through not only in her dancing, but her coaching as well. Read more


Tatiana Pavlova

Ballroom Coach

Tatiana Pavlova began her dance career at age 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia where she quickly … Read more

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