Patricia Schneider

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Makeup & Hair Expert


Patricia Schneider has done makeup and hair artistry over 20 years for brides, pageant contestants, photo shoots, commercials and the film industry. She is also a top representative for Mary Kay cosmetics.

Over the past years, Patricia has turned her talents to the dancesport industry, where she not only makes dancers gorgeous for the floor, she herself is an avid, successful competitor.

Now, the owner and chief artist of The Winning Look, Patricia is in-demand at dance competitions all over the country.


Artistic Philosophy

Patricia knows that the winning edge sometimes comes from completing the package with a fantastic appearance:

“The feeling I get when I am doing a complete makeover is exhilarating. I know that the woman is going to stand up, look at herself in the mirror and smile from ear to ear. Many look like they have lost 10 lbs, 10 years in 10 minutes and walk out of my studio glowing with confidence and excitement.”

In her own words:

“You see, it is not really how we look, it is how we feel inside… when we look good, our beauty and confidence from the inside radiates outward.  Creating a ‘Winning Look’ is more like creating a ‘Winning Feeling’ for my clients.”

To see Patricia’s travel schedule and book an appointment, visit her at The Winning Look.