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Imagine world class coaches, in the palm of your hand. Our video collection is privately produced & curated exclusively for dancesport competitors.

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Passion for dance

You want to get what you feel inside, onto the dance floor. Deep down, you’ve got a story to tell. Don’t be restricted by a technique (or a lack of it) or the fear of expressing yourself. 

We get it. We’ve been in your dancing shoes.

We designed DanceSport Place as the ultimate online learning tool for dancers.

You’ve probably spent hours digging through free videos on YouTube, searching for quality instruction and inspiration. Wouldn’t it be nice to just get to the good stuff?

Competitors come first

Our focus is exclusively for ballroom competitors. Our members are pro-am dancers, pro-am teachers and amateur dancers who are looking for quality instruction from coaches who know what it means to compete.

As dancers ourselves, we also understand the expense of being a ballroom competitor. Besides quality, value is a priority, and we give you both!

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We are bringing your favorite coaches directly to you! Join us for our new interactive online workshops. See the schedule here. 

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DanceSport Place is a tool that gives you access to World & National Champs/Finalists, who teach you the skills that have gotten them to the top.

Learn from the comfort of your living room or take them onto the studio dance floor. Our coaches go with you, on your mobile device, laptop or screen share with Apple TV onto your television.

1. Search our video library by dance teacher, style or topic.

2. Select and learn with our short, to-the-point videos with actionable instruction. Full-screen player option. Learn. Dance. Repeat.

yOur World class coaches

Alexander "Sasha" Andreev

Latin coach

Anastasiia Shchypilina

Latin coach

Bianka Zubrowska Di Brino

Ballroom coach

Briana Suakjian

Smooth coach

Carolina Orlovksy

Rhythm coach

Eulia Baranovsky

Smooth coach

Evgeny Likhachev

Latin coach

Felipe Telona Jr.

Rhythm coach

iaroslav Bieliei

Ballroom coach

Jason daly

Rhythm coach

Kris Suakjian

Smooth coach

Liliia Bieliei

Ballroom coach

Marcus Johnson

Latin coach

Maria Hansen

Ballroom coach

Maria Levina

Latin coach

Max sinitsa

Smooth coach

Michael Bilopukhov

Latin coach

Nick Cheremukhin

Smooth coach

Oleg Suvorov

Ballroom coach

Olga Tsikalyuk

Ballroom coach

Patricia Schneider

Hair & makeup artist

Selena Johnson

Smooth coach

Stefano di brino

Ballroom coach

Sveta Daly

Rhythm coach

Tatiana Pavlova

Ballroom coach


Smooth coach

Yana Blinova

Latin coach


“I came into the ballroom world with a strong background as a professional dancer in theatrical dance; tap, ballet, jazz.  I was SO surprised to find I needed to learn a whole new set of skills!  This was confusing, frustrating and a little scary! was the perfect link to connect me with expert videos that could demonstrate and explain the techniques I was missing.  I credit Erik, Melissa and the world class instructors at with helping me “find myself” in the world of ballroom, which led to winning many championships and ultimately led to a World Title!  I strongly endorse this program!”
Bunny Barth

“I always loved dancing. There is always more to learn, styling, technique. Dancesport Place is a great resource to help you improve and grow as a dancer with videos by some of the top pros. I like having access to that. It is great to learn from others who have a different perspective or way of teaching that helps me have that “aha moment” when I finally understand what I need to do. Thanks Erik and Melissa Cyr for providing a video library with videos by some of the best!”

Cynthia Lindholm


Training beyond the ballroom.

Dancesport Place

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