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stefano di brino

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Ballroom Coach



Stefano Di Brino started his dancing career in 1994 at the age of 5. He started under the suggestion of his parents, social dancers, that saw dancing as a fun and healthy activity to do.

Stefano first started dancing in a style called Italian Smooth and transitioned into ballroom at the age of 11. He trained under one of the most renowned studios in Milan, “Danze Milano”. Numerous times and with several different partnerships, he achieved the title of Italian National Champion in the junior, juvenile and youth divisions.

Once Stefano finished his studies, he moved from Milan to Livorno, where he trained for 10 years with 9x World Champion, Mirko Gozzoli. He went on to became the Italian Amateur Ballroom Vice-Champion and a finalist in the European Championships.

In 2014, Stefano moved to the United States and turned professional. He has since become of a finalist in all major Open Professional events and champion of many Professional RS events. In 2015, he and his partner, Bianka Zubrowska, became the U.S. Professional Ballroom RS Open to the World Vice-Champion.

Stefano has based his entire way of dancing from these words of his father:

Stefano, you need to base your dancing on who you really are and not on what people want you to be. Success is diversity from the other people doing the same thing as you…and a champion is never afraid to put something different into his art!


Titles & Accomplishments

  • U.S. Professional Ballroom RS Open to the World Vice-Champion
  • Italian Amateur Ballroom Vice-Champion
  • European Championships finalist
  • Italian National Ballroom Junior, Juvenile and Youth Champion


The Inside Edge with Stefano

Favorite dance: Tango, Quickstep

Favorite shoe brand: Ray Rose

Must-do ritual before the competition:

Take care of anything you need for the comp. You must be impeccable on the dance floor!

Advice to competitors:

The audience is the most important thing. Do not be afraid to interact with them and make them part of your performance. A true champion is the one loved by the audience!

Favorite thing to do when not on the dance floor: 

There is no time to stay off the dance floor! 😂


Coaching Style

Stefano has the natural ability to make dancers feel comfortable and encourages them to show their own unique gifts. 

His warm, down-to-earth personality shines through in his coaching manner.

It’s apparent that Stefano teaches just the same way he dances: from the heart!

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