Carolina Orvolsky

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American Rhythm Coach


Carolina Orlovsky began dancing as a young girl in ballet. As a teen, she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of become a professional dancer, studying at the Alvin Ailey School and Ann Reinking’s Broadway Theatre Project.

She met her future partner, Felipe Telona, Jr., by chance at a dance studio and fell in love with both dancesport and Felipe. Together they joined forces in both their dance and professional lives.

Carolina has had a stellar career in the American Rhythm division, where she and Felipe have become World & U.S. Professional Rhythm Vice-Champions and U.S. Rhythm Showdance Champions, among their many accomplishments.

In 2013, Carolina and Felipe were featured performers for the prestigious Dance Legends Show on Broadway in NYC.

Carolina is a sought-after coach and adjudicator.


Titles & Accomplishments

  • 3-Times World Professional Rhythm Vice-Champion
  • 3 Times U.S. Professional Rhythm Vice-Champion
  • 9-Times U.S. Professional Rhythm Finalist
  • World Mambo Champion
  • 2-Times U.S. Mambo Champion
  • World Professional American Rhythm Showdance Champion



Coaching Style

Carolina’s passion for dancing is undeniable in her teaching style. She has an exceptional way of expressing verbally and physically for students to understand concepts.

She enjoys working with dancers of every level, from new competitor to professional.

In her own words, Carolina is dedicated to devoting her life in developing the ability to touch, move, and inspire audiences and students of all ages through the art of dance.

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