Coach: Maria Hansen • 4 min.

Dancers: Cristian Radvan & Kristina Kudelko

Style: Ballroom, American Smooth  Topic: Technique, Partnering

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The Oversway and Throwaway Oversway are two iconic patterns that beautify any routine. There are two factors needed to clearly create either one of them:

  1. Sway 
  2. Rotation

In this ballroom video, Maria Hansen explains how to use these two movements to develop either the Oversway or Throwaway.

Dancers Cristian & Kristina demonstrate the difference between the two patterns beautifully and how head weight plays a factor in creating bolder 3 dimensional shapes.

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Ballroom Oversway & Throwaway Pin

Melissa Cyr

Melissa is a former National Canadian Professional Latin Finalist and U.S. Rising Star Latin Couple of the Year, and has been teaching ballroom for over 20 years.

With her husband Erik, they are the founders of DanceSport Place and have a passion to help dancesport competitors reach their dancing goals.