Coach: Bianka Zubrowska • 10 min.  Style: Ballroom, American Smooth  Topic: Technique

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Getting that “look” you want in your dancing doesn’t just happen once you start doing advanced choreography.

Rather, to the contrary, that “look” is achieved from the foundations you build upon. Isn’t that true about everything?! If you want a smooth ride, start with the best tires, if you want a smooth silhouette, start with the best under garments!

In this video, Bianka starts with the “underpinnings” of what makes a dancer achieve the LOOK.

This is a great ballroom video for newer dancers who are getting more serious with their dancing AND dance teachers, who are looking for new ways to teach these primary building blocks of good dancing.





Melissa Cyr

Melissa is a former National Canadian Professional Latin Finalist and U.S. Rising Star Latin Couple of the Year, and has been teaching ballroom for over 20 years.

With her husband Erik, they are the founders of DanceSport Place and have a passion to help dancesport competitors reach their dancing goals.