Perfect ballroom hair is almost as important as perfect posture! Getting that sleek, lacquered ‘do secured as tight as a racing helmet and polished to a diamond shine takes PRACTICE, just like dancing. And you’ve got to have the right tools for the job.

Patricia Schneider of The Winning Look, shares her top 3 pro tools (which are surprisingly simple!) for dancers just learning to tame their tresses.

Quick Tip Tuesday

The 3 Must-Haves for Ballroom Hair DIY


 1. Hair Gel

Get wispies and fly-aways under control. Slick hair back with gel.

2. Hair Spray

Mold your hair into submission with hair spray. Don’t hold back! Prepping your ballroom ‘do is not the time to be conservative with the spray. (Think you’re overdoing it? Channel Def Leppard and Motely Crue.)

3. Heat

Make it ballroom-proof and seal the deal with a blow dryer. The heat will meld your hair masterpiece into a shiny impenetrable sculpture, immune to snappy head turns, high-speed spins and the wayward elbow-to-the-head. (Also, tough enough to sleep in for those multiple dance days!)

Bonus Tip!

Hair shine serums and sprays can dissolve hair spray! Take care when using. Plenty of hair spray and heat will do the job for a lustrous lacquer. There you go! Your first steps to brilliant ballroom hair.


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