Dancing Dudes! Does the smell of self-tanner ignite the fire of competition in you? Does seeing a quarterfinal listed in the program spark a rush of rivalry? Have you felt the rush of adrenaline when your closest competitors walk by you on the floor?

For many guys, the thrill of competition is in full force just as much on the ballroom floor as it would be going head-to-head in the boxing ring.

Listen, as elegant, polished and debonair as male dancers are, their ferocity for competition is in no way diminished just because they’re wearing a sparkly shirt or bow tie.

But one thing’s different…taking the field for a ballgame with a team of rough and ready blokes is quite different from heading to the floor with your lovely bedazzled PARTNER!



One competitor who can relate is our very own DSP coach, Kris Suakjian, World & U.S. Professional American Smooth finalist. Raised in the world of sports, Kris has been on many teams, but none quite like the unique team of two in the ballroom world.

In this exclusive video from our member library, Kris explains that ballroom partnership requires both partners to focus on each other, in order to be successful.


Presentation of Your Partner:

From the sidelines to the front and center, your ballroom partnership is under observation. You’re being watched by the audience, judges, coaches, even rivals while you’re on deck, taking the floor and setting up.

What kind of impression are you making?

Is it one of solidarity as a “team”? Or is it self-centered?

Kris shows 3 examples of the bad, ugly and GOOD approaches to taking the floor with your partner.


Partner Sensitivity:

What does your teammate NEED? Do you “pass the ball” to your teammate, or do you try to make all the goals yourself?

The uncertainly of live competition makes it impossible to always stick to the routine. In the times that your partner needs more space or time, the man’s job is to ASSIST his teammate and work WITH her.

Kris and Briana demonstrate the flexibility of their professional waltz routine, by Kris tuning into what his partner’s, NEEDS are.


Highlighting your Partner:

The pinnacle of the ballroom partnership is showing the DIVERSITY of our roles, while moving as one.

The lady brings her unique sensuality and femininity, which is set against the man’s strength and stability. She relies on you for LEADERSHIP and to allow her to dance fully.

Kris shows 3 versions of how to highlight (and not!) your ballroom partnership by being aware of the partner’s needs. 

Guys, think about your own approach to partnership and competition. How can you better present your partner to better present the TEAM?

So, bring that competition fire onto the floor! And remember that the gorgeous dancer you take into dance position is your TEAMMATE and the only one on the floor who wants to BRING IT as much as you do…WITH YOU.

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