We’re just a few weeks into episodes for “You Can Dance!”, and Erik and I have found out that we are expecting! My determined contestants for the show, Tony and Rao, are greatly supportive-they might be worried, but they are not showing it!

For my part, I’ve already danced through one pregnancy, so I’m looking forward to having an additional partner tag along on this journey, too.



                      Rao & Melissa – baby bump evidence

Londance teammatch 2010

more baby bump! Judging Londance team match with Sveta Daly & Christopher Hansen

The greatest concern will be to find a costume that fits! Thankfully, ballroom costumes are typically pretty stretchy. By the time the finale of the show comes around mid-October, I will be about 5 months along.

Like last time, I’ll keep dancing right up to the the baby’s arrival. There’s no better way to stay fit and healthy than dancing!

We can’t wait for another dancer to join us here at DanceSport Place!–Melissa