International rumba music has an sweetly sensual sound and rhythm, which is portrayed in the character of the dance.  Get the 101 right here, on what to listen for!


International Rumba Music School

Counting the Basic Rhythm:2,3,4-1  (hold foot position on count 1)

Time Signature: 4/4  (4 beats per bar of music)

Accent:   Accent on count 1, secondary accent on count 4

Beat Value:count 2= 1 beat, count 3=1 beat, count 4-1=2 beats



International Rumba    Pro & Amateur    Pro-Am

Beats per Minute              104                        108

*NDCA approved tempi

Song Examples:

Vintage Rumba – “Perfidia” by Xavier Cugat

Latin Rumba – “Sin Luz” by Jose Feliciano

Contemporary Rumba – “Secret” by Maroon 5



Although the rumba appears in both Latin American and American styles, there is a great variation between the two styles.  In fact, the rumba seems to be almost an entirely different dance between the versions. Not only is the timing different, but also the tempo of the music used and the trademark hip actions between the two styles is noticeably different. In the International rumba, the hip action is marked by landing on a straight leg and then gently swinging the hip over it. The character of the International rumba is one of sensuality and romance. The movements is typified with beautiful lines and an emphasis on the rhythmic hip action.


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