I was very eager to sit down with Mr. Goran Nordin, as I’d heard from so many sources about his great insight into musicality and his likable coaching style.

He did not disappointed at all, as you’ll see in this interview. Wow! His vision of the importance of musicality was certainly intriguing–I wanted to book a lesson right  away!

But the best part of it was seeing his passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge. He is equally interested to help dancers of every level achieve their goals.

That is a quality that builds the confidence of dancers; not only by Mr. Nordin’s ability to make concepts clear, but also because he cares about the success of his students.

Check out the interview RIGHT HERE!

Interview: Goran Nordin – 23 min.

DanceSport Place Exclusive!

Topic: Musicality, Judging


Former British Latin Champ, world renowned  & Blackpool adjudicator and sought-after coach, Goran Nordin, sits down with Melissa to share his keen insight into musicality and how his expertise in this area influences his judging and coaching.

He details what makes a great coach, what dancers need to do to improve their results from the judge’s view, and how to use musicality to your advantage. This intriguing interview is a must watch for dancers of all styles!


Video Breakdown:

  • the pro-am system in America 1:00
  • the dedication of pro-am dancers 1:50
  • everyone is entitled to the best information 4:05
  • the importance of a third-eye and using video as a tool 5:09
  • the importance of a coach/teacher’s support 7:13
  • the importance of musicality 8:56
  • using music as the common denominator in competition 11:12
  • is musicality artistry or technique 12:22
  • the impact of musicality on judging 14:23
  • musicality for American Smooth 17:36
  • how to start working on musicality 19:49
  • why dancers need input from different experts to become a whole dancer 22:50

On trying new things:

 They don’t need to do it good. They need to do something different to what they’ve done before to make that next step in their development. – Goran Nordin


A huge thank you to Mr. Nordin for this valuable interview!



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