Dancesport continues to grow in intensity, competitiveness and notoriety beyond our own dance world. As competitors, whether pro-am, amateur or professional, we strive for perfection and experience the same struggles and challenges as any other type of athlete.

In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of sitting down with someone who knows all about the highs and lows of competitive life. Jeff T Osborne is a motivational speaker and author who has worked with professional players and teams from the NFL, NHL and the NBA.


Jeff T. Osborne –7 min.

DanceSport Place Exclusive!

Topic: Athlete Motivation and Inspiration for Dancesport Competitors


I asked Jeff to bring his insight from professional sports and shed some light on three specific challenges we often face in Dancesport:


1. How do pro-am dancers overcome the FEAR FACTOR, that sometimes holds them back from achieving their maximum results?

Jeff boils it down to one main factor that stands in the way of your progress: COMPARISON! Listen in to hear his answer starting at 1:16.


2. What can career amateurs and professionals do to establish their identity beyond the ballroom?

Jeff told me privately that this is a real problem for many of the professional athletes he works with. Listen to hear what he encourages these athletes to do starting at 3:37.


3. What can we dancers, as a team of two, learn from the team mentality of other athletes to galvanize our “team”?

Jeff reminds dancers that bringing their differences to the partnership is what will ultimately bring their team success. Check out his explanation starting at 6:00.


So, Dancers…are you feeling inspired?! Jeff’s infectious energy reminds me that we each have our own special qualities to bring to the floor. No one else can do WHAT you do, HOW you do it! 

Now, the next time you hit the floor, let your uniqueness, your multi-faceted experiences and qualities shine through your dancing on the floor. No matter where you are in your competitive ambitions, bring all that you’ve got! 

A big THANK YOU to Jeff for sharing his expertise with us!

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