Athletes in every sport are relying more and more on cross training to gain their competitive edge. Dancesport competitors are no different. In this interview, we get a unique perspective from World and Blackpool champion, Sharon Savoy, whose rare position as both a champion in the ballroom world as well as the ballet world, provides a unique view on training. She also discusses her page-turning book, Ballroom!, which reveals her own story from passion to partners to politics, all for the love of dance.

Interview: Sharon Savoy – 12 min.

DanceSport Place Exclusive!

Topic: Partnering, Cross Training, Exhibition Dancing, Theatre Arts


Fresh from winning Best Global Female Dancer at the Hauding Awards,  3 Times World and 4 Times Blackpool Exhibition Champion, Sharon Savoy, shares her expert knowledge in both the ballroom and ballet worlds and explains how being a well-rounded can help dancers become stronger dancesport competitors. She also discusses her book Ballroom!, which chronicles her journey as a dancer and a week in the life leading up to the prestigious Blackpool Competition. Every dancer will be able to relate to the story of the road to championship, as she unfolds the passion and drive to become the best in her book. (Read our review here.)

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A gracious thank you to Ms. Savoy for this interview!

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