While there are many excellent makeup choices on the market for competitors, MAC Cosmetics has some very special products specifically geared towards performers and also offers nice discounts and promotions.

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Your regular drug store or beauty makeup was not created to stand up to the intensity of performance, specifically, staying put under bright lights and sweat. On the other end of the spectrum, theatrical makeup tends to be more like grease paint, and doesn’t always come in a wide variety of glamorous colors. That’s were MAC Cosmetics comes in. MAC was designed specifically for use under bright lights and through perspiration, all while looking fabu in the latest colors and textures. For those reasons, it’s an excellent choice for ballroom dancers. Besides the quality and choices, MAC has a couple of programs that make their products very affordable.


The Deals:

First, if you are a professional dancer, or a professional in other artistic and aesthetic related fields, you may qualify for a discount on MAC products by in their stores and online. With your professional documentation and photo id, you can open a membership for $35/year, entitling you to 30% discount on their products. (Professionals in the makeup field can receive an even greater discount.) In addition, membership also offers the opportunity to participate in master classes and additional benefits described on the MAC Pro site  www.macpro.com

The company also offers a recycling program called “Back to MAC”. Just return 6 containers of any of their products and receive a free lipstick of your choice (excluding Viva Glam). At the store, the clerks have also said that an eyeshadow or lipgloss is also an option, although the website only mentions lipstick. www.maccosmetics.com 


Some favorite products for dancers for MAC:

Pigment Eyeshadows–comes in an array of beautiful and vibrant shades for intense color and wear.


Brushes–a good brush does the job for you. Choose synthetic bristles for liquid makeups and natural bristles for powders.


Powders and Foundations–huge selection for every color, skin type and application. Depending on the product, they are long-wearing and great for under lights and sweat. Go to the store to test products. Don’t forget to take into consideration the tone you will need when you are tan.


A perfectly made up face starts with great products and brushes. Invest a little more in the basics you’ll use every competition with excellent products like the ones from MAC.  Happy Dancing!