It’s amazing enough to become the World Champion, but doing it THREE TIMES, is extraordinary!

If you know Louis van Amstel, you know that this man is always innovating, and EXCELLING in whatever he does.

As a 3x World Champion, Emmy-nominated choreographer and creator of LaBlast dance fitness, Louis’s talent seems to have no bounds. Whatever he does, he does it with Passion and Success!

Louis van Amstel

image credit: © Erich Saide Photography, All Rights Reserved

We met up with Louis for this interview, when he was back to his roots judging at the Desert Classic Dancesport Championships in Palm Desert, Ca.

Here’s what we wanted to know:

  • His thoughts on today’s Latin dance scene
  • Where he gets his inspiration for choreography
  • What LaBlast Dance Fitness is all about


(This video was filmed live streaming on Periscope.)

Video Breakdown:


:39 the 3x World Champion’s perspective on today’s Latin scene

Louis’s view: the skill level is much higher than past decades, but the personalities have become diminished.

The character of the dance and partner interaction is lessened, as the focus has shifted to speed and technical ability.


2:01 judges are responsible for the direction that Dancesport takes

Louis’s view: judges should place the better dancer, not judge solely on look or the highest energy.

[The winner] has to be the one that dances from the inside out.     Click to Tweet!


3:00 choreography secrets

Louis’s view: legendary trainer, Prof. Dr. Ruud Vermey, mentored Louis and partner Julie Fryer to be multi-faceted in their approach to dancing. This foundation was the training ground for Louis’s approach to choreography.


3:50 where does choreography inspiration come from?

Louis’s view: your observation, your environment, words, music.

Listen. Just listen to the music. Don’t try and put steps to it. No, listen. And then it comes to you.  (4:17)


4:40 Lablast Dance Fitness

About LaBlast: the program includes 19 dances, 5 levels, 900+ instructors worldwide


6:00 why stamina is critical for competitors, and how to improve it.

Louis’s view:

Often times a competition is lost because they couldn’t keep up the stamina. (6:17)


6:45  how Louis is making ballroom dancing available to everyone

Louis’s view: LaBlast bringing ballroom to anyone who wants to dance; no partner, no expensive lessons, no fancy dresses needed.


7:54 competitors need to train hard, on and OFF the floor

Louis’s view:

The people that have the stamina, win the competition.    Click to Tweet!



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A BIG thanks to Louis Van Amstel for chatting with us at the Desert Classic Dancesport Championships!


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