The viewer votes have been tallied and the combined with the judges scores to reveal the 6 finalists who will compete for the title of “You Can Dance!” champion 2010! These finalists will showcase their routines one more time on October 22, 2010 and the winner will be crowned!


The Finalists

Bao Anh with Yiri Kosydar        Samba

Dr. Duong with Petra Chovancova       Cha Cha

Hang Ny with Sasha Andreev         Paso Doble

Rao with Melissa Cyr      Waltz

Mai Tran with Erik Cyr   Rumba

Wendy with Yiri Kosydar  Salsa

Watch the performances that earned these contestants a spot in the finals by visiting the “You Can Dance!” website, where all episodes are available for viewing.