The pilot episode for a new reality show, “You Can Dance!”, for Vietnamese television has been picked up and is set to begin production. The show comes from the vision of Vietnamese dance group Dancesation, a group of amateur ballroom and dancesport enthusiasts.

These 10 dedicated dancers train and receive choreography from top local professionals and frequently perform shows and exhibitions. Many are also pro-am and/or amateur competitors themselves.

In an effort to promote ballroom dancing to the local communities, Dancesation, in a collaboration with television broadcasting channels SBTN and SET, are producing this khiêu vũ reality T.V show.  The show will be broadcast throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia.





 Inspired by their own love for dance and wishing to share it with their community, they have devised a program that will introduce everyday people to the benefits and fun of ballroom dancing while entertaining the television audience with their journeys from novices to performers.

Now that SBTN/SET has agreed to produce the show, auditions seeking out potential contestants will begin.  The show will consist of 12 episodes that will run from July thru October 2010 showcasing the journey and courage of people from all walks of life, old and new to ballroom dancing, documenting them through 12 weeks of training and performances.