Coach: Stefano Di Brino • 7 min.  Style: Ballroom, American Smooth  Topic: Partnering

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Can you imagine Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis transported back in time to the 1960 World Latin Championships? The only thing faster than Joanna’s spins would be the audience’s jaws-dropping!

Dancesport is always evolving, setting the bar higher and pushing dancers further artistically and technically. But in order for this to happen, old concepts are constantly being refreshed and improved.

Lead and Follow is one of the cornerstone concepts of ballroom dancing, to be sure! Although we haven’t completely left this notion behind, today’s dancers think of it in a less traditional way.

It has become less of “I lead, you follow” and more like a co-operation in the partnership.

In this ballroom video, Stefano Di Brino (assisted by the lovely Bianka Zubrowska) explains how this “co-operation” creates a bigger, more positive effect within a couple. Speed and volume are all improved when both dancers do their parts “together”.

Oh and BONUS! This co-operation should also put an end to the age old “you’re too heavy/you’re not leading me” debate!


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