Want to see the world through another dancer’s eyes? WE DO!

That’s why we jumped on board the latest social media app, Periscope, and did our first “scope” a few days ago.


Periscope lets anyone broadcast LIVE to the WORLD, while receiving real time questions from viewers. Just grab the app, log in (if you have a Twitter handle, you already have an account!) and join the party. (be sure to follow us @DanceSport Place)


Our first scope was an interview with two talented dancers who are quickstepping through the dancesport competitive ranks—Iaroslav Bieliei & Liliya Gladyuk.


These break-out ballroom stars had only been dancing together 2 months when they took 2nd place this year in the Blackpool Professional RS Ballroom. (nudge, nudge-are YOU waiting to get on the floor? Just do it!)

Iaroslav Bieliei Liliya Gladyuk Blackpool


We are especially proud of their accomplishments because Iaroslav is one of our exceptional coaches here on DanceSport Place. (Want to be the best? learn from the best!)

silver tango choreography olga tsikalyuk Iaroslav & Olga – Silver Tango Choreography on DanceSport Place


Listen in as we chatted with them LIVE from Vivo Dance Center in Hacienda Heights:



Video Breakdown:

:54 expectations before the comp

2:05 the competitive mindset

3:23 mentors & team support

4:04 you can DO IT!

5:12 learn from each experience and BUILD on it

5:50 be in the MOMENT

6:43 the breakfast of champions

7:37 no rituals…just SKILLS!

8:56 why Blackpool is not a honeymoon destination

10:02 pizza, the food of Victory!

Big thanks to Iaroslav & Liliya for sitting down with us and sharing their impressive Blackpool experience.

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See you on the floor!

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